Over Crank Shearing Machine

"ANOX" Over crank shearing machine offers outstanding performance and dimensional accuracy with high production output.


  • Frame is so designed as to take load during cutting operation. Its interlocked design supports the bed. The Ram is guided throughout its length by accurately machined guideways.
  • Hydraulic Hold Downs
    • Spring loaded mechanical Hold Downs are provided to hold the sheet during cutting operation.
  • Shearing Blade
    • All "ANOX" Shears are provided with four edged Shearing Blade made for longer tool life.
    • Drive Mechanism
    • Drive mechanism is so designed as to transmit maximum power. It consists of Gear, Pinion & Fly Wheel. Fly Wheel made of high grade C. I. provides sufficient energy during cutting operation.
    • Back Guage


      • Mechanical Back Gauge helps for mass production. Scale on the Back Gauge gives instantaneous reading for cutting required width.
      • Lubrication
        • Each moving part is provided with lubrication through hand operated lubrication pump for smooth operation.
        • Standard Accessories
          • Gear & Fly Wheel Guard
          • Manual Back Gauge
          • Manual Lubrication Pump
          • T-Slot Supports
          • Shearing Blade
    Optional Accessories
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Motorised Back gauge with DRO
  • Electricals (Electric Motor, Starter, V-Belts, Wiring)